Edible Slides Workshop @ Filem'on

On thursday the 3rd of november we hosted an Edible Slides Workshop at childrens filmfestival Filem'on (http://www.filemon.be/). A very nice experience!

An impression of that day:



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Sweet Sesame

dough: sweet (flour, egg, sugar)

spices: sesame seeds

topping: kiwi

Asian Style
dough: neutral (flour, oil, water, salt)

spices: teriyaki sauce

topping: pickled ginger

Barbecue Delight
dough: neutral (flour, oil, water, salt)

spices: salt, pepper, garlic, coriander

topping: grilled carrot, honey and salt mix, balsamic vinegar

Fruit Power
dough: neutral with sugar (flour, oil, water, salt)
spices: cinnamon, vanilla sugar

topping: fruit of the day

Designing the Front

One of the designs made for the vending machine part.

And this is the design of the sticker that will be attached to the frontside.

The Making of...


Transnatural Exhibition

"The ArtScience Interfaculty's Tactile Research Lab, will make incredible edible thin slides in the downsized kitchen of the Incredible Shringking Man at the Transnatural Exhibition.Under the lead of the small-sized chef de cuisine Aki Takeda we will zoom in the aesthetics of the incredible edible thin slides which first will be projected before being eaten.

TransNatural exhibition

Thursday 24 march - 17:00 till 20:00 hours

De Verdieping/Trouw

Wibautstraat 127 ( metro-Wibautstraat)




The promised pictures!


Building Day!

The basic construction has been made (thanks to Stefan, Marcel & Maarten)! And today we will make the interior of our Slide-o-mat. According to this sketch, the chairs, tables and equipment will be welded in the construction. Pictures will follow soon.


Baking Skills

We have to keep improving our frame baking skills,
our master chef Aki in action:

They were delicious!

Official Text

An official text has been written:


Slide-o-mat is a human vending machine producing Slide Snacks, which are just as beautiful as they are tasty. It's as simple as choosing a vegetable or fruit topping, and sitting back as our mysterious machinery creates a Slide Snack pastry for your visual and gastronomic pleasure.

1. Choose a flavour
2. Place an order
3. Watch your Slide Snack going from the oven to the screen
4. It's yours to eat!

Get one at our Slide-o-mat today!


Fancy Pictures

Some fancy 'press pictures' have have been made:

Design Update

A lot has happened the past few weeks. Our design changed somewhat...

These are the first new sketches:

We took our inspiration from:

Team Update!

Our team has been extended. Since Hadas, Aki and Nicky are graduating this year, they might not have enough time to also fully join the Edible Slides Project, so they made the tough decision not to go to Milan. Though they are still very much involved with the project.

So three new people join The Team now:
Eke Kronieger (1st year bachelor student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)
Ludmila Rodrigues (2nd year bachelor student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)
Silvia Janoskova (2nd year bachelor student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)


Edible Slides goes Milan

The next big breakthrough in our project: We will present a version of 'Edible Slides' at the Salone di Mobile in Milan! This means that we have to change the setting. Instead of only a workshop we will now also present an installation. This will have the shape of a very big, strange vending machine. The construction will contain 2 people making edible slides, a screen where the slides will be projected on, a slide where the slides will slide through and a compartment with paper plates where the edible slides will end up. Sketches and a scale model where made: Let the building begin!


At the 2nd of December we hosted a workshop at the Tactile Research Lab of ArtScience. We pre-baked the frames (sweet, salt and spicy ones), bought a lot of different fruits and vegetables and made a nice set-up. Participants could compose their own slides from all the different ingredients. Then we projected all of the slides on a screen in an intimate setting and afterwards everyone ate their own slides. It turned out to be a very nice event.

Frame baking

We wanted to take the concept further. Not only the projected image had to be edible, but the frame too. The whole thing had to be like a cookie. As soon as it comes out of the projector, you should be able to eat it as a whole. We experimented with existing cookies and crackers, trying to cut out the middle part of the cookies, but they always broke.
We concluded that we had to bake the frames ourself:


It all started with the idea of making projections through edible materials.
We took an old slide projector, some unused dia frames and very thin slices of fruits and vegetables. We put the fruit in the frame and the frame in the projector. The projections were stunning:

The making of an art installation.

Since the end of 2010 we (Aki, Hadas, Nicky & Marloes) are working on an edible slide machine. I will document the progress of this project and post it here.

The Edible Slides Team:
Aki Takeda (2nd year master student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)
Nicky Assmann (2
nd year master student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)
Hadas Hinkis (4th year bachelor student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)
Marloes van Son (2nd year bachelor student ArtScience KABK, The Hague)